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Winter 2013




  • ·         Annual Members’ Meeting March 2, 2013 at 720 Camino Norte, Palm Springs
  • ·         Annual Book Sale March 29, 30, and 31 at the J.C. Frey Building 
  • ·         Bus Trip to Los Angles Festival of Books April 20
  • ·         Monthly Book Club Meetings last Fridays of the month


To attend and/or volunteer, please call 760-668-8838 or visit our new website at






Chris Siedel, President

Chris SiedelThe biggest news this month is the launching of the Friends’ free standing  web site.  (Previously, Friends’ online information was available only via the library’s site.)  This exciting development will provide access to FOPSL news and numerous online opportunities such as obtaining or renewing membership, registering for Friends’ events, etc.  For details, see the related article elsewhere in the newsletter.

 And, there is more!  As a result of action taken by your board of directors at its January meeting, members and non-members are about to hear much more about the Friends of the Palm Springs Library.

The directors have long felt that the organization’s existence is a well-kept secret and, accordingly, approved a communications plan per a proposal prepared by O’Bayley Communications at the board’s request.  The same firm was responsible for orchestrating the recent development of the Friends’ web site.  

Elements of the program include the following: 

  • Public Relations – Awareness Building – to aggressively position the Friends in the community.  This will involve news releases, columns in The Desert Sun, interviews on local television news and radio programs, speaking opportunities, etc. 
  • Advertising and Social Media Campaign – to increase awareness, encourage volunteerism and membership/donations
  • Strategize for Fundraising and Membership/Volunteer Drive – to help plan and target events to raise money for specific areas of need (e.g., bookstore) and increase FOPSL membership and volunteerism

Finally, the directors also authorized the expenditure in 2013 of $12,000 for additions to the library’s collection specifically for “hot off the press” books, which means that the library will receive 10 copies of the top new best seller available for checkout each month.  Secondly,  Nancy Valdivia and I visited the Latino Books Y Mas book store and purchased five cartons of Spanish-language movies, DVDs, CDs, and books to be contributed to the library from the Friends.  The cost was $3,100. 

I encourage you to mark your calendars for our March 3 annual meeting, where the featured speaker will be Mel Haber of Ingleside Inn fame.

And, as always, I encourage you to contact me should you have any comments or suggestions for the Friends (760-832-8908 –



We have selected a beautiful mid-century home in Las Palmas for our Annual Meeting this year – 5,000 square feet of luxury with an incredible view of the mountains and an equally lovely landscaped exterior, featuring several areas for outdoor visiting and an upper terrace with a mid-Century gazebo.

The owner, a resident of British Columbia, has graciously offered the use of her Palm Springs home and we know you will enjoy a tour of the house.

Mel HaberCome prepared to relax and enjoy the comfort, the conversation, the wine and cheese and most importantly our guest speaker – Mel Haber!  Mr.  Haber will talk about his experiences as owner and host of the popular Ingleside Inn, which was declared an historical site in 1996 by the City of Palm Springs.  He will also sign his two books about his experiences, Bedtime Stories of the Ingleside Inn, which focuses on funny stories involving the Ingleside Inn and the restaurant, Melvyn's, and Palm Springs a la Carte: The Colorful World of the Caviar Crowd at Their Favorite Desert Hideaway.

Parking is limited to the street and it is a residential area, so carpooling is an excellent idea. The house is elevated but we will use the driveway to near the top to the two steps leading to the entrance thereby bypassing the steeper front entrance stairs.

Our deepest thanks to Cheryl Markovitz, ProWatch, LLC, who made this opportunity possible.

Reservations are a must as we are limited to 75 attendees. To reserve a place, call 760-668-8838 or visit our website at

Date:  Saturday, March 2, 2013

Time:  1:00 to 3:00 p.m.

Location: 720 Camino Norte, Vista Las Palmas, Palm Springs




Jeannie Kays, Director of Library Services    

Jeannie KaysThe library has been abuzz with holiday activities, from our ‘Fall into Reading’ program to a special visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus.  One new activity we did this season was participating in the Festival of Lights Parade.  The Friends of the Palm Springs Library graciously sponsored our parade entry.  Santa’s sleigh accompanied by eight tiny reindeer, you say?  Almost!  Our entry was a decorated golf cart followed by eight decorated book carts.  The Palm Springs Public Library Precision Book Cart Drill Team took to the streets and entertained thousands of parade-goers.  Celebrity guest Manny the Movie Guy rode in our golf cart to show his support of the library.  It was truly a sight to see.  We hope to make this an annual tradition.  Again, a huge thank you goes out to the Friends for their support of our parade entry.

Laptop donationThe Friends of the Palm Springs Library also supported us recently by purchasing new laptops for our computer classes.  The laptops have a long-life battery which means that our longer, four-hour classes do not have to worry about computers suddenly shutting down. 

If you have considered learning how to use a computer or even sharpening your skills, call the library at 760-322-READ to enroll in one of our free classes. 

Your contributions to the library mean so much to us.  The Friends sell donated used books, DVDs, and music CDs and use the proceeds to fund programs at the library, pay for advertising to promote our programs, purchase new books and even purchase new laptops.  Thank you for your generous contributions, large and small.  Every quarter counts!

What I’m reading:  I spent the holidays reading humorous nonfiction by authors such as David Sedaris, Chelsea Handler, and even Adam Carolla.  Some of the stories by Handler and Carolla are risqué and raunchy, in fact most of their stories are that way.  David Sedaris’ “Holidays on Ice” is hilarious and surprising with tales of his adventures set during the holidays.  He was once an elf at Macy’s in New York and tells the story about that experience in this book.Holidays on Ice - cover

I am currently reading an advanced reader ebook called “The Sea of Tranquility” by Katja Millay.  One of the perks of being a librarian is that publishers want you to buy and recommend their books so they allow you to access advanced reader copies of their titles.  This teen angst novel features a story about a young piano prodigy who loses everything.  Nastya Kashnikov’s new goal in life is to get through high school…and to make the boy who took everything from her PAY.  Sigh!



Many Friends’ members expressed the need for more public awareness of our organization and what we do for the Library.  The Board agrees.   Our first venture is the brand-new Friends website at  This user-friendly site gives up-to-date information on the Board of Directors, our upcoming book sales, book club events and talks, opportunities for donating and volunteering, and what events are up-coming. Copies of the newsletter will be available also.  Please visit the site and let us know what you thinkundefinedespecially if there is something we can do to improve it.

PridefestAlso, with Director Jeannie’s help, we have started to participate in as many city-wide events as possible.  Our first event was the annual PrideFest, held at Angel Stadium on November 4th.  Even though the weather turned very warm, we had many visitors who were interested in our freebies, as well as what activities we have planned.  A few even joined, and many others took the brochure, which has recently been updated thanks to the work of Evelyn Berry and Barb Stanford.

Shown in the photo are three Friends’ volunteers, Barb Stanford, Mike Thompson, and Cathy Brant.  Other volunteers were Richard Ellis, Laura Miller, and members of the Library staff.

While Friends’ volunteers didn’t march in the city’s Light Parade, we stood on the sidelines and cheered the Book Cart Precision Drill Team.   They plan to march next year also. 

Festival of Lights


Derry Levy

Derry LevyMeetings are the third Friday in the month at two o’clock in the Learning Center unless otherwise announced. For questions about the book club, please call Derry Levy: 760 327 5506 or


February 15
Maoʼs Last Dancer, Li Cunxin
Mary Barlow

March 15
The Fifteen Streets, Catherine Cookson
Richard Bass

April 19
Amsterdam, Ian McEwan
Sandra Johnson

May 17
The Paris Wife, Paula McLain
Ann Kepcke

June 21
The Stranger, Albert Camus
Richard Bass


Derry Levy


"In the Garden of Beasts" by Erik Larson is #5 in paperback nonfiction bestsellers.  It was the subject for the Palm Springs Library Book Club’s discussion in December.  A lot of people turned out to talk about this book and approved Larson’s presentation of a very disturbing time in history, 1933 in Hitler’s Germany.  

"The Signal and the Noise" by Nate Silver is #4 on the nonfiction bestsellers’ list for Print and E-fiction combined.  The author is a statistician and political forecaster whose blog, Five syndicated by the New York Times since 2010, correctly predicted the results of the November presidential election in 50 out of 50 states. His book is an examination of predictions (all kinds), the ones that come true and the ones that don’t.


#5 on the fiction bestsellers list of combined print & E-books is  "Gone Girl"  by Gillian Flynn  about a young woman who disappears on her fifth wedding anniversary undefined and her husband is suspected of murder.

Maria Semple writes about another mysterious disappearance of a young wife in "Where’d You Go, Bernadette?"  It is not on the bestseller list, but the New York Times called it divinely funny. It is set in Seattle and is described as “skewering Seattle’s Microsoft elite.”




November through January

Barbara Stanford

 Patron Level or above:
 Allison, Robert (new member)
Cone, Mary (new member)
Dunmire, Charles and Marion (renewal)
Hicks, Jim and Carol (renewal)
Haber, Mel and Stephane (renewal)
Kahn, Michael and Sheila
Nerad, Terrie and John (renewal)
Ridgeway, Laurie (renewal)
Villani, Barbara (renewal)

New Members (Individual)
Strenski, Ellen

Thank you to our donors!
Austin, Stephanie
Bastow, Tom
Bushore, Lynne
DiCarlo, Peter
Evich, Antoinette
Eagan, Judith
Jigarjian, Dr. Aram and Mrs. Patricia
Kahn, Michael and Sheila
Shaeffer, Dr. Charles and Claire
Trogman, Bob and Adriana


• Annual Members’ Meeting
March 2, 2013
Private Residence

• Annual Book Sale
March 29, 30, and 31
 at the J.C. Frey Building

• Bus Trip
 to Los Angles Festival of Books
April 20

• Monthly Book Club Meetings
last Fridays of the month

To attend and/or volunteer, please call 760-668-8838 or visit our new website at



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