As the Friends' membership increases, there become new opportunities to serve. Our newly-formed Membership Committee is busy coming up with plans for social events, ways to raise money, and ways to attract new members.  New ideas come from our members, so your participation would be greatly appreciated.  Other committees needing occasional help is the Newsletter Committee and the Events Committee.  Four times as year we publish and send out our newsletter.  We always need help with this. 

New types of volunteer opportunities for “techies” are in the works!  The Library has received a large grant to fund a program called “Accessing the Past.”  This involves digitizing all of the local periodicals in the library archives.  We are also looking for volunteers to create and maintain a Facebook page and blog.  Be sure to let us know if you are interested!

If you would like to print and mail in the subscription form, simply click here.

For more information please contact volunteer@friendsofthepalmspringslibrary.org

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