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Our Drag Queen Story Hour
T-Shirt was such a hit that we've made it available again! 
All proceeds raised with your support will find their way into our Library via The Friends.  

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The Friends of the Palm Springs Library exists to help the Library staff provide world-class service to the community. 

A Friend is one of the best things to have by your side -- & one of the nicest things you can be!

"When you feel you have so much to give and so much passion inside you, there is only one thing to do, and that’s go out and find it, fulfill it. If you have that rage to live, nothing is going to stop you from trying to satisfy it, and each time you fall in love anew or achieve a creative goal, you tell yourself, 'This is it! This is what I’ve been looking for!' But then you soon start to think, 'It’s not enough, I want more. I want perfection!'"

Gloria Vanderbilt, The Rainbow Comes and Goes, 2016

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In 2017, 
the Palm Springs Public Library 
& Welwood Murray Memorial Library:

- Welcomed over 288,000 Visitors (up nearly 50,000 from last year)

- Checked out 431,283 Books,
E-books & Other Materials 
(up 20,000 from last year)

- Informed over 8.800 Attendees 
at one of its 310 Programs
(up 10% from 2017)

But Staffing was down 39% and 
Funding was down 8%.

While our Librarians are achieving more with less, we can always use a hand. 

Volunteer or Donate!

Link your purchases on Amazon to The Friends of the Palm Springs Library's SMILE / AMAZON account and we will receive a percentage of every purchase you make. It's just one more way to 

The Friends is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit Corporation: EIN #51-0142318

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