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 Helping with  

 Volunteers helped out with this
 year's Summer Reading Program
 kick-off celebration for 


 “Manning" the LIBRARY BOOTH
  at Community Events

 Neighborhood Picnic

 PrideFest booth





 Our main sources
 of income are the  Annual Sale in  February and the  Daily Sales in the  Library. We have also started having “Pop-Up”  Sales throughout the year. 

 Our most popular sale remains the Children’s  Book Sale in December and those during the  Kids' & Teens'  Summer Reading Programs. 

Volunteers are needed for sales,
to keep the books neatly on display and assist our patrons with any specific needs.

 The key to the success of our sales are the  generous donations of gently-used  books,  which our Volunteers sort by genre, price, box  for transport and then ready for display.  

 Pictured (left)  are Ginger and  Nick, two  volunteers  who've helped  our efforts for  many years.

Volunteer LeeOna Hostrop (right) stands among the many boxes of books stored in the J.C. Frey Building.                                                          


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