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A monthly
Book Club, an Annual Book salean Annual Membership Meeting and
throughout the year are
 presented by the Friends of the Palm Springs Library.

The Friends' Book Club meets on the third Friday of the month (unless otherwise noted) at 2:00 p.m. at the library and is open to everyone. Members of the Club read the selection for the month, then join in lively discussions. The Book Club votes on reading list selections once a year.

To learn more about the Events and Classes presented by the Palm Springs Public Library, go to their web site at www.palmspringslibrary.org or click HERE for a list of Library events.

Details for all of the Friends' UPCOMING EVENTS can be found using the links below.

Upcoming events

No events available.


 Here are the steps for registering for an event online.  If you follow these steps carefully, you will have no trouble registering online.  Here you go!  First go to our website, (www.friendsofthepalmspringslibrary.org) then:  


1.  Click on "Events" at the top bar of the website's home page

2.  Scroll down to the "Bus Trip To Huntington Library and Gardens"

3.  Click on the blue colored title "Bus Trip . .  " (full title as above)

4.  On the next page, click on the gray "Register" button on the left side of the screen display. Your email address will pop up in the block on the next page.  Click on  

     "Members-Only Registration - $65 (USD)" then click on "Next" button

5.  All of your information will be auto-filled in by the computer on the next page - First and Last Names, Email address and telephone number(s) - Click "Next"

6.  A light blue "Review and Confirm" box appears.   Click either "Invoice Me" or "Pay online."  If you don't have a PayPal account allowing you to pay online, click the

     "Invoice Me" button. 

You will now have been registered, and you can pay by check.  The check with a copy of your invoice can be mailed to:

Friends of the Palm Springs Library

300 S. Sunrise Way

Palm Springs, CA  92262

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